Our Policies

Lanier’s Campground Rules & Regulations

Check in time: 2pm Checkout Time: 1pm

1. No offensive activity shall be carried on in any area of the park or on any leased site. Boisterous, noisy behavior or profanity will not be tolerated. Drunken and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.

2. PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS AND SAFETY OF THEIR CHILDREN AND MAY NOT LEAVE THEIR CHILDREN UNATTENDED. Anyone under the age of 18 cannot rent or stay overnight in any campsite without a parent or responsible adult and must be on their lot by 11pm. NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Quiet time is 11pm-7am. No loud gatherings, loud music or vehicles with loud exhaust (this includes vehicles with loud pipes, motorcycles and gas-powered golf carts) can be in operation during quiet time hours. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the vehicle being banned from the campground and Chapel by the Bay.

4. CHAPEL BY THE BAY was founded by the campground, No horseplay on the church grounds. This includes bicycles, golf carts, vehicles, skateboards. While you may ride bicycles and skateboards in the parking lot, do not ride on handicap ramps and no donuts/ reckless driving in the parking lots.

5. Firearms and Weapons: The use of fireworks, firearms, BB Guns, slingshots or other weapons in the campground is prohibited. Firearms are allowed under open or concealed carry permits but are not allowed in public areas of the park.

6. Anyone caught deliberately destroying or defacing campground property will be expected to pay for damages and will be asked to leave the premises with no refund and may be subject to prosecution.

7. Pool Rules: Pool rules are posted at the pool. POOL USE IS FOR REGISTERED GUEST ONLY. CHILDREN UNDER 10 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT THAT IS 18 YEARS OR OLDER. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. Please swim at your own risk. Use buddy system to ensure your safety. You must have a towel if swimming. Babies or small children that are not potty-trained must wear rubber pants in the pool. We have them in the office for a fee. All guests of permanent and overnight campers must pay to swim.

8. Shoplifters are subject to prosecution and will be evicted without a refund.

9. Only boats owned by registered campers can launch at the boat ramps. No guest boats can be launched.

10. Please keep campsites clean. Put cigarette butts in a disposable container and not on the ground. Trash is to be taken to the dumpsters.

11. Parking is limited to your lot only. Storage lots for boats and vehicles are available at the office for a fee.

12. No ATV’s or go carts allowed in the campground.

13. Campers no abiding by park rules will be asked to leave.  

14. All pets must be on a leash. Clean up after your pet. Do not allow your pet to use the bathroom on any vacant or occupied lots. We have a designated doggy park and pet cleanup stations throughout the park.

15. Assignment of campsites will be made at the office. Please occupy your site and do not move without first checking in with the office.

16. We are not liable for theft or injuries occurring during your stay.

17. No washing dishes or cooking utensils in the bathhouse.

18. All motorized vehicles must be registered at the office. You must have a valid license or permit.

19. Be respectful to one another and each others property. This is a family-oriented campground and should be treated as such. We want everyone to enjoy their time here.

20. Most importantly, be safe and have fun!

Lanier’s Campground Golf Cart Policies

The golf cart policies listed below apply to ANYONE operating a golf cart inside Lanier’s Campground, including annual lease site holders in all sections including behind the gate, Wayne Lanier’s section and Bigford Park, and their guest. Please review the policies below.

1. We want to emphasize that QUIET HOURS are 11pm-7am. This means no gas powered golf carts or loud music is allowed during quiet time.

2. No lewd, vulgar or offensive music is allowed in the campground- Remember young eyes and young ears.

3. No reckless driving, horseplay, racing or other misuse of the golf cart. Drivers must obey all traffic laws.

4. ALL DRIVERS MUST BE 16 YEARS OF AGE WITH A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE IN THEIR POSSESSION. The licensed driver must be in control of the golf cart at all times (hands on wheel, foot on pedals). Yes, it is true that we are on private property but we choose to uphold state mandates.  

5. Privately owned golf carts must be registered at the office and have a valid registration sticker attached to the front of the golf cart window in plain sight. Proof of proper liability insurance is required.

6. Golf carts operating after sunset must have lights turned on. Lights must be permanently attached and at least four inches in diameter. Aftermarket lighting is permitted on golf carts as long as it does not blink, pattern flash or strobe. Lights should not resemble emergency lighting.

7. A maximum of 5 people per golf cart at any given time. 8 people max on a limo cart. NO STANDING ON GOLF CARTS, everyone must be seated.

8. Golf Carts must be operated on campground roadways. Golf carts are not to be driven across vacant or occupied campsites. Golf carts must be street legal when operating on state roads.The state road begins at the gate as you exit the campground. Those operating golf carts on state roads are subject to state law, which includes operating the golf cart while under the influence, open containers, reckless driving and other state traffic laws.

9. The registered owner of the golf cart is responsible for any damages to grounds, vehicles or persons etc.

*We understand some guest will not agree with our policies, but they most likely do not share our perspective, the liability, and the lack of respect our team (and many guest) have witnessed. Our ultimate objective is to make Lanier’s Campground the most safe and enjoyable family-oriented vacation destination that we can be.